Sandalwood bar soap 5.5 ounces
It's that time of year again! I'm offfering a Xmas tree stand, 22" base. Tree well is 8" in diameter and ca. 9" deep. Holds about 2 gallons of water.
Freshly laundered blue full size flat bed sheet.
Unopened excellent food flavouring, natural. In one parcel pleae. Text 401-524-8769
I have 2 throw pillows that are 1' x 1' square. The covers are stained. but someone more crafty than i am could make use of the foam for other pillows or some other project.
I have a 3 section wooden mail holder. The sections are labeled "Mail", "Bills", and "Misc". It is still usable but in this day and age it's probably more decorative.
All most full box of paper try liners
We used this ski rack in conjunction with a Thule trailer hitch bicycle rack. The dimensions of the ski rack are approximately 24inches on each side. This ski rack is no longer made but the original model number was 987XT, and it was compatible with the 956 or 957 4-bike Parkway folding hitch rack. I hope someone make use of it!
Wooden mirror, good condition - 40"x25" - meant to be attached to dresser.
6 clay orchid pots, slits on sides, like new or new, ranging from 4" to 8".
Free Mosquito Magnet with parts included, but you will need a propane tank. We haven't used it in a few years, so not sure if it needs repairs. Placed curbside at 79 Secluded Drive, Narragansett RI.
You'll need a truck for the hoop, backboard, stand, and base. You're welcome to take the cement counterweights also.
I have a 28 wide exterior door and a motel chair available.
Needs to be wiped down but otherwise in good shape.
Old trailer, probably best used for scrap.
Sony OLDER TV w/ REMOTE Works fine. Cleaning out, come pick it up! Hate to just dispose of it
OLDER TV w/ REMOTE Works fine. Cleaning out, come pick it up! Hate to just dispose of it
2 sets of white, pull-string window blinds, 36inches
Fisher Price Dora tricycle, very used but functional
Reposting in the hopes that someone will be interested! Large foldable cafeteria-style table. Sits at least 10. Has built in benches. You will need a truck and some strong friends to move this.
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